You would feel hurt and cheated. You would endlessly compare yourself to the person they chose over you. You’ll become someone you hardly recognize and do things you are not proud of. Then after a very long time, you’ll start to feel like yourself again. You will see things from a different perspective and eventually (I know it probably sounds ludicrous to you right now) you will be thankful for the experience. Because someone else will come to you and tell you this exact story and instead of saying things like, ‘well if you really had any genuine feelings, you wouldn’t have waited.’ Or ‘You were never officially together so what’s the big deal?’ Instead of these things you can say, ‘I know it hurts and it probably will for a very long time. Sometimes it will be unbearable and soon your friends are going to be sick to death of hearing about it so it will be your burden to carry alone. But you will come through the other side as a more compassionate and empathetic soul. In the end, it will make you a better person.’
Lang Leav on people who have moved on from you (via francescazara)